Linking Tables



Aloe Series offers a variety of strong and durable tables to fit into any setting and complement any Aloe chairs. Aloe Linking and Free Standing Tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes and colors. Aloe Linking tables are designed to work with all Aloe Multiple Seating Table Units (with and without arms).

Standard leg color is Silver. Additional color options available.


  • 21” End Square Table
  • 12” Center Rectangle Table
  • 21” Center Square Table
  • Connector 45° Table
  • Connector 90º Table
  • Right Angle Corner 90º Table


Thermolaminate table top options include an extensive selection of 18 thermolaminate colors, offering an attractive and seamless micro-beveled edge.

Laminate table top options include an extensive collection of 25 laminate colors, offering an attractive vinyl trim exactly matching each laminate surface for a pleasing aesthetic.


Find 2D symbols, 3D CAD and Revit files for use in your space planning applications.


Aloe Series – 2D CAD (.dxf) DWG

  Aloe Tables Product Information Sheet

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