IC+ Upholstery Solution™ FAQ


Q: What is IC+?IC-Fabric-Layers-v10

  1. IC+™ is healtHcentric’s patent pending coating technology made with a nylon substrate coated with a proprietary puncture resistant polyurethane formulation onto which a top coat is applied using a patented chemical grafting technology. The result is a revolutionary coating that is a non-porous, sealed, seamless as well as puncture, tear, abrasion, stain and chemical resistant.

Q: Is IC+ considered a fabric?

  1. Yes, it is a fabric but not one that can be purchased in rolls or by the yard. It is applied to upholstered components creating a sealed and seamless upholstery solution. When used on our Aloe Series of healthcare furniture and with our proprietary clip system and seamless application, it provides the ultimate upholstery solution for infection control.

Q: What is polyurethane (PU)?

  1. Polyurethane is a man-made polymer composed of a chain of organic units joined by carbonatelinks. There are many different formulations of polyurethane each with their own advantages and limitations. The polyurethane formulation used in IC+ is a proprietary formula that is the most puncture resistant polyurethane available anywhere.

Q: What differentiates IC+ from healthcare vinyl?

  1. IC+ is non-porous, sealed and seamless and many times more puncture resistant than any other fabric on the market. It is at least as stain and chemical resistant as any other fabric on the market. As a result it is faster and easier to clean, saving time and reducing the risk of pathogen transmission.

Q: How strong is IC+?

  1. IC+ is tough upholstery that is strong enough to stand up to any hospital-grade cleaner or disinfectant and has been tested to be 750% more resistant to puncturing and 1000% more resistant to tearing than common healthcare vinyl. A puncture test comparison showed IC+ being almost 10 times stronger than vinyl, able to withstand 262 lbs. of pressure as compared to 31 lbs. for vinyl. IC+ also outperformed in durability testing, able to withstand over 2000 cycles of abrasion testing with a wire screen, while exhibiting no change in the look and durability of the material. Contrary to this, vinyl’s appearance started to change after only 500 cycles. IC+’s ability to be extremely durable, coupled with its seamless impenetrable surface, makes it a far superior product to vinyl.

Q: Can IC+ be applied to any fabric?

  1. No. IC+ is processed with certain materials that must meet specific fiber and construction requirements so we can deliver a consistent IC+ technology performance that provides very high abrasion resistance and overall toughness.

Q: Is IC+ easy to clean?

  1. IC+ is seamless and sealed and so can be cleaned faster and more thoroughly than any other material on the market. Upholstery with seams and that is not finished underneath cannot be fully cleaned. When used with our proprietary clip system, the seat can be disengaged with no tools so healthcare areas are thoroughly and efficiently cleaned. This provides a snug, secure fit eliminating any scratching or scraping and ensures there are no surface catch points for a complete and easy cleaning.

Q: Is IC+ anti-microbial?

  1. healtHcentric does not add any anti-microbial additives to any of its products. The efficacy of some anti-microbials in healthcare fabrics have been called into question by several independent studies. Our “anti-microbial” strategy is to offer a non-porous, sealed and seamless solution that can be thoroughly and quickly cleaned and disinfected with all hospital cleaners and disinfectants. In an independent laboratory study it was proven that, when used in tandem with hospital-grade cleaners, it is possible to remove 98.68% of the microorganisms–equivalent to a 3 log reduction–from the IC+ Upholstery Solution. This far exceeds the 58.08% removal of microorganisms– equivalent to a 0.4 log reduction–from seamed healthcare grade vinyl.

Q: What is PVC?

  1. PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride and is commonly referred to as “vinyl”. There is some debate about the safety of PVC because it could expose users to adverse health effects. What differentiates PVC from the other vinyls is the addition of a chlorine, a source of many of the environmental health concerns with PVC. Vinyl is also made softer and more flexible for certain applications with the addition of phthalate plasticizers such as Bisphenol-A (BPA), another well-known source of health concerns.

Q: What fabric tests does IC+ meet?

  1. IC+ meets and exceeds all of the high performance and heavy duty requirements expected of a modern healthcare upholstery, including stain, abrasion and water resistance, as well as superior tearing and breaking strength, flammability and resistance to microbial growth.

Q: What flammability requirements does IC+ meet?

  1. IC+ meets CAL 133 – California Technical Bulletin #133.

Q: Does IC+ emit VOCs?

  1. No. IC+ is third-party-certified by GREENGUARD® for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. VOCs include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effect. For more information, visit ul.com/gg.

Q: Does IC+ come in different colors?

  1. Yes. IC+ comes in a variety of colors to help you coordinate with a wide range of color palettes.

Q: Where is IC+ processed?

  1. IC+ is processed in our state-of-the-art, ISO 9001 and 14001 certified facility in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Q: Is IC+ covered by a warranty?

  1. Yes, we are so confident in the quality of our products, we offer an exceptional 10-year performance warranty on IC+ that protects your investment against tears, punctures and cracks. Call our customer service or your local representative to find out more.

Q: Where can I call if I need support?

  1. For support call 1-866-438-3746.