Bed bug problems?

We have the solution.

MARCH, 2015

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Over a third of the nation’s pest management companies were called into hospitals in 2013 to
treat bed bug infestations.


Seating upholstered in
IC+ Upholstery Solution is seamless
and impervious to bed bugs.


IC+ Upholstery Solution is an affordable, preventative measure
for combatting bed bug infestations.

Over a third of the nation’s pest management companies were called into hospitals in 2013 to treat bed bug infestations.1

Once bed bugs are nestled into the crevices of patient beds and guest chairs, there is potential for them to lay eggs and continue to spread throughout a hospital room or the entire hospital. Due to their small size it is hard to notice bed bugs, and it sometimes take weeks for someone to notice a bug or a bite.
At that point, there is the potential for these bugs to have spread to other rooms within the wing.

Some of the most common ways to eradicate bed bugs includes freezing, steaming and poisoning the bed bugs, as well as cleaning or replacing the specific furniture that has been infested. This process can be lengthy and has the ability to shut down an entire wing of a hospital, costing you money and bad publicity. No patient will look favorably towards a hospital with bed bugs.

With outbreaks of serious infectious diseases, combatting bed bugs should be the last ‘thing eating into your budget’.

Selecting furniture with the right features will make a difference in your facility.  

IC+ Upholstery Solution is the answer to controlling bed bugs in your facility. When applied to any healtHcentric seating product, IC+ provides a durable, non-porous, seamless and bed bug proof barrier. Bed bugs cannot get inside.

You never know when a patient with bed bugs will show up in your facility.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and how healtHcentric can assist your facility in preventing your bed bug problems.

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According to Orkin, an annual report on
the pest control industry determined that Americans spent $446 million to get rid
of bed bugs in 2013.2