healtHcentric was created with the needs of the healthcare industry in mind. We are the only seating manufacturer focused on creating durable, easy-to-clean and affordable seating solutions that aid in infection prevention for demanding, intensive-use environments. Our passion for cleanability and durability has led us to design unique seating solutions that solve many of the challenges faced in 24/7 healthcare settings.

For the last 25 years our parent company ergoCentric has been providing seating to hospitals, long-term care and assisted care living facilities. We’ve collected all this knowledge and distilled it into a new line: healtHcentric.


We wanted to create the ideal seating for the healthcare environment, so we’ve considered every detail. Working closely with ergonomists, infection control practitioners and caregivers, we’ve refined our seating designs. They’re modular, seamless and built tough and using the patent pending IC+ made them even tougher. We’ve continued with our non-obsolescence policy of providing adaptable, repairable and customizable seating that is backed with our 10-year warranty. healtHcentric seating is ideal for patient rooms, waiting areas, nursing stations, laboratories, examination rooms, operating rooms and even administrative and office areas. With the healtHcentric line, we’re here to provide medical grade seating that’s right for you and your needs.




Our seating is made to leave a good first impression, especially when it comes to meeting your healthcare needs. That’s why our designers were excited about creating seating specifically suited to the varied and demanding needs of the healthcare industry. Your waiting rooms, reception areas and treatment facilities need to be functional while being inviting. But our passion for design doesn’t stop there. In the medical arena, seating design also means no crevices or holes. Our seats made with our revolutionary IC+™ Upholstery Solution have no seams and are sealed underneath. IC+ is even less porous than vinyl. Our optional clip system allows you to remove the seat for easy and complete cleaning. Functionality plus durability is what our design philosophy for healtHcentric is all about.


Durable seats equal cost savings. Great value is very important to healthcare providers. That’s why we created healtHcentric with the needs of the healthcare industry in mind. Our IC+ is a PVC-free alternative to vinyl and is five to ten times stronger than vinyl in puncture, tear and burst tests. IC+ is so tough we guarantee it will not crack, puncture or tear for ten years. And it stands up to all cleaners and disinfectants. This translates into cost savings, landfill savings and life savings.



Whether your order is for a single chair or multiple seating products, our order process system ensures your high-quality products are delivered on time. With a large selection of in-stock optional components, healtHcentic offers fast turnaround times to accommodate your business needs. Regular orders are processed and shipped within 10 business days. As well, every effort is made to fill special orders within our regular ship times.


Specifically formulated for the healthcare industry, IC+ is the only upholstery option available that is warranted against tears, cracking and punctures for 10 years.